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NOS Teacher Identity: A Case Study of Secondary Education Novice Science Teachers

Jorge Luque-Jiménez, Science Education,Universidad de Málaga (Spain)

Cristina García-Ruiz, Science Education, Universidad de Málaga (Spain)


The understanding of the Nature of Science (NOS) is integral to developing scientific literacy, a key outcome of science education. This literacy encompasses not just scientific knowledge but also an understanding of how science operates, including its methodologies, cultural and social influences, and the tentativeness of scientific knowledge. Conceptualized as the professional teachers’ identity who not only understand NOS but are also equipped to effectively teach it [1], NOS identity is an amalgamation of personal beliefs, professional knowledge, and the ability to impart NOS understanding to others, including also previous exposure to science and science education, as well as the intrinsic value and understanding of the NOS [2]. Since there is a relationship between science identity and understanding of the NOS [3], its conceptualization significantly influence individuals' perceptions about who can be considered a scientist and who is permitted to participate in scientific endeavours. By adopting a subjective and diverse view of NOS, traditional stereotypes about scientists (typically perceived as white males) can be challenged. This broader and more inclusive perspective on NOS, which acknowledges its social and cultural dimensions, helps individuals develop a science identity and, more specifically, a NOS identity. This shift is crucial for diversifying the field of science and changing long-standing perceptions about who engages in scientific work. Consequently, targeting NOS instruction in teacher education programs, recognizing the diverse backgrounds of pre-service teachers, plays a pivotal role.


[1] Akerson, V. L., Pongsanon, K., Park Rogers, M. A., Carter, I., & Galindo, E. (2015). Exploring the use of lesson study to develop elementary preservice teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge for teaching nature of science. International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education, 15(2), 293–312.

[2] Phillips, A., Rahman, S., Zhong, Q., Cesljarev, C., Liu, C., Ariyaratne, T., McClain, J., & Akerson, V. (2022). Nature of science conceptions and identity development among science education doctoral students: Preparing NOS teacher educators. International Journal of Research in Education and Science (IJRES), 8(4), 626-646.

[3] Avraamidou, L., & Schwartz, R. (2021). Who aspires to be a scientist/who is allowed in science? science identity as a lens to exploring the political dimension of the nature of science. Cultural Studies of Science Education, 16(2), 337–344.


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