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Edition 14

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The Digitization of Higher Education Institutions - A Factor for their Competitiveness in the Market of Educational Services

Tsvetana Stoyanova, UNWE – Sofia, Department of Management (Bulgaria)

Philip Stoyanov, UNWE – Sofia, Department of Management (Bulgaria)


In the ever-evolving environment of higher education, institutions worldwide are facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities. The rapid advancement of technology has ushered in an era of digital transformation that is reshaping every aspect of our lives. Higher education, as a fundamental pillar of society, is no exception to this transformative wave. The digitalization of higher education institutions has emerged as a pivotal factor, influencing their competitiveness in the dynamic market of educational services. In this age of information and innovation, the traditional model of brick-and-mortar education is gradually being replaced by digital alternatives that offer greater flexibility, accessibility, and personalized learning experiences. In this regard we will examine the various facets of this transformation, including the integration of cutting-edge technologies, the expansion of online learning, the customization of educational content, and the enhancement of administrative processes. These changes are not merely a response to current market dynamics but are essential for the long-term sustainability and relevance of higher education institutions.


Digitalization, Digitalisation of higher education, Distance Learning, Digital transformation, Competitiveness



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