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Improving Pre-Service Mathematics Teachers’ Skills about Preparation for the Instruction: The Case of Online Microteaching

Vildan Katmer, Maltepe University (Turkey)


In this research, which was conducted using the case study design, it was aimed to improve pre-service mathematics teachers’ skills about preparation for the instruction with the online microteaching technique. The first three events of Gagne's (1985) nine events of instruction (gaining attention, informing learner of lesson objective, stimulating recall of prior learning) were used as preparation events for the instruction. The participants of the research consist of 11 senior pre-service mathematics teachers. In the research, two online microteaching video recordings of each participant, open-ended peer review forms about microteachings, and a semi-structured interview form were used as data collection tools. First of all, Gagne’s first three events were introduced practically online by the researcher. Afterwards, each participant carried out online microteaching on a different mathematics subject using Gagne’s first three events, lasting between 5-10 minutes, in line with the achievements determined from the secondary school mathematics curriculum. Each microteaching was reviewed by other participants and the researcher, both during the online microteaching and later from the recordings, and was delivered to the participant with the help of a peer review form. Two weeks later, each participant performed the second microteaching in line with the criticisms received in the peer review forms and during the first online microteaching. Following the completion of the two microteaching process, individual semi-structured interviews were conducted with each participant by the researcher to take their opinion about this process. As a result of the research, it was seen that there were deficiencies in some of the preparation events of the introduction in the first micro teachings, and some events were not observed at all. In the second microteachings, it was observed that the deficiencies in the first microteachings were eliminated. In addition, in individual interviews with the participants, all of the participants stated that applying this process positively affected their acquisition of skills about preparation of the instruction.

Keywords: Pre-service mathematics teacher, online microteaching, Gagne’s events of instruction


[1] Gagné, R M. (1985). The conditions of learning and theory of instruction (4th ed.). NY: Holt, Rinehart and Winston.

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