The Future of Education

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Education for Sustainable Development Goals: Qualitative Review of Emerging Concepts and Opportunities for HEI

Lonah Mbhalati, University of Johannesburg, Department of Commercial Accounting, Soweto Campus (South Africa)

Kgabo Masehela, University of Johannesburg (South Africa)



Sustainable Development (SD) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are crucial concepts that are relevant to the global business environment, drawing interest and initiate extensive discussions. From the perspective of higher education institutions (HEI), these concepts offer both challenges and opportunities. Higher education institutions play a pivotal role in shaping the discourse and understanding of Sustainable Development and Artificial Intelligence. These institutions serve as crucial hubs for academic exploration, research, and the cultivation of knowledge regarding the ethical, social, and environmental implications of integrating AI into various industries while promoting sustainable practices. Higher education can play a pivotal role in preparing a workforce equipped with the skills needed to navigate the intersection of AI and the principles of Sustainable Development. This study will explore the important role that Higher Education Institutions can play in driving the effective realisation of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) amidst the rapid evolution of AI. The integration of AI technologies presents both challenges and opportunities in the pursuit of SDGs. In addressing this dynamic landscape, the researchers will conduct a thorough analysis of the connection between higher education, artificial intelligence and sustainable development. Emphasising the need for educational institutions to evolve and innovate, this study will provide insights regarding the necessity of imparting AI-driven skills and knowledge to students. By doing this, education institutions can play an important role in fostering a sustainable future. This research will capture the interplay between higher education, artificial intelligence, and the imperative for innovation in the pursuit of sustainable development. The study will be a qualitative content analysis in the form of a comprehensive examination of literature relating to current educational practices, exploring innovative approaches to curriculum design and instructional methodologies. The findings of this study will offer valuable insights on how HEI can maximise the opportunities presented by AI and contribute towards sustainable development.

Keywords: Higher Education Institutions, Sustainable development, Sustainable Development Goals, Artificial Intelligence, Global Challenges, Innovation



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