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Using Synthetic Thinking to Redefine Education for a Convergent Future

Joshua Durey, St Paul American Scholars (Korea, Republic of)


The rapid pace of technological advancements and the increasing complexity of global challenges necessitate a transformative shift in educational paradigms. Traditional education systems, with their emphasis on compartmentalized knowledge and rote learning, are increasingly inadequate in preparing individuals for the multifaceted demands of the future. The SynthEdic Framework emerges as a pioneering approach, redefining education through the lens of synthetic thinking—a holistic, interdisciplinary methodology that integrates diverse knowledge, skills, and competencies. This paper explores the foundational principles of the SynthEdic Framework, including problem-based learning, guided inquiry, and the integration of agile methodologies like SCRUM and Agile, alongside instructional design models such as SAM. It explains the core competencies emphasized by the framework, namely creative collaboration, ethical stewardship, emotional intelligence, data fluency, lifelong learning, and human-machine symbiosis; highlighting their critical role in preparing learners for a rapidly evolving world. The implementation of the SynthEdic Framework presents a series of challenges, including resistance to change, the need for extensive professional development, and the integration of new assessment methodologies. However, strategic solutions, such as stakeholder engagement, iterative curriculum development, and the adoption of flexible assessment models, offer pathways to overcoming these obstacles. Drawing on interdisciplinary learning's proven benefits, such as enhanced employability, adaptability, and student engagement, the paper argues for the framework's potential to revolutionize education by fostering a generation of problem solvers equipped to navigate and contribute to a convergent future, in which  knowledge, skills, and expertise from diverse fields and disciplines come together to address complex challenges in a holistic and integrated manner.  Drawing upon a forward-thinking vision for education and leveraging insights from extensive experience in the educational sector, this paper introduces the SynthEdic Framework as a novel blueprint for educational reform. It highlights the urgent need for a shift towards an educational approach that is more coherent, relevant, and centered around the learner, aiming to prepare individuals with the agility, creativity, and ethical sensitivity required to flourish in a dynamic global landscape. "Using Synthetic Thinking to Redefine Education for a Convergent Future" is not merely a presentation of a groundbreaking model for education but also a call to action for educators, policymakers, and educational institutions to engage with and contribute to the evolution of the SynthEdic Framework. This paper seeks to initiate a dialogue within the educational community, encouraging a collective effort to refine and implement this innovative approach, thus ensuring education remains aligned with the evolving needs of society.

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