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Professional Digital Development among Teachers in 1:1 Schools – Skills, Collaboration, and Needs.

Siw Olsen Fjørtoft, SINTEF Digital (Norway)


In recent years, most municipalities in Norway have implemented one digital device per student (1:1) in their public schools. Consequently, teachers have to deal with using digital learning technologies in teaching to a far greater extent and more frequently, as the devices are readily available in the classroom. The use of digital tools and teaching practices accelerated due to periods of homeschooling during the COVID-19 pandemic and has continued in the years after [1]. Teachers must constantly deal with societal developments and new things that are constantly appearing. Nowadays, generative AI is the «hot or not» topic in public debates. The teaching profession cannot solely rely on curriculum-based knowledge but must also master digital developments, whether they are part of their subjects or not [2]. This paper addresses different perspectives on professional digital development among teachers in primary and secondary schools and is based on surveys conducted in two mid-size Norwegian municipalities where all students have a personal digital device (N=376; RR=68,6%). Some critical questions investigated are: How do teachers in 1:1 schools develop their professional digital competence? How is collaboration on digital practices among teacher staff facilitated? Which digital skills do teachers in 1:1 schools master? In which areas do they want more expertise? The results and the discussion will shed light on which measures should be implemented by local or national school authorities to ensure that teachers have the competence and confidence to keep up with the rapid digital development.

Keywords: Professional digital development, Digital skills, 1:1 Classrooms.


[1] Fjørtoft, S.O. (2020). Teaching in the Time of Corona Crisis: A Study of Norwegian Teachers' Transition into Digital Teaching. Conference proceedings: The Future of Education. Libreria Universitaria/Pixel/Filodiritto Editore, Vol 10., p. 380 - 386.

[2] Bratland, E., Ghami, M.E., Mediå, M. (2022). Technology and knowledge. In what way are knowledge and teachers’ knowledge practices in subject areas crucial for the integration of technology in education? Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy. Vol.17, Iss.3, p. 155-169.




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