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Global Citizens in the Making: Preparing Students for the Future through Model United Nations Conferences

Patroula Kafousia, Arsakeio Lyceum of Patras (Greece)


In envisioning the future of education, there is an overwhelming recognition of the need to move away from traditional classroom settings and embrace innovative approaches that treat students as holistic beings rather than simple learning entities. Over recent years, Model United Nations has served as a powerful educational activity that holds the unique potential to prepare students for the complex challenges of the future in a plethora of ways. This paper aims to highlight the educational value of participation in MUN conferences with particular emphasis on its departure from conventional classroom norms and its transformative role in students’ holistic development, their foreign language learning process, as well as in their honing of the so-called soft skills which are considered to be the most important 21st century skills. Moreover, MUN simulations serve as a platform in which students have the opportunity to implement new technologies and AI tools in their research and decision-making processes but also use their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. By finding ways to strike this balance, students equip themselves with very important skills of the future.



Model United Nations, holistic education, global citizenship education, soft skills, new technologies  



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