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Digital Design as a Tool to Address Awareness about School Bullying – The Nook Prototype as a Contextual Case Study

Beatriz Guimarães, Institute for Research in Design, Media and Culture ID +; Polytechnic University of Cávado and Ave, Design School, Barcelos (Portugal)

Jorge Brandão Pereira, Institute for Research in Design, Media and Culture ID +; Polytechnic University of Cávado and Ave, Design School, Barcelos (Portugal)


In the context of globalization, social change, and the ever-increasing role of digital and online media in peer relationships, the practice of bullying and cyberbullying has increased and become more prevalent in our society. The following paper describes the research journey of an applied project that aims at contributing to the analysis of the interventional possibilities of digital media in the fight against bullying and cyberbullying in the school environment, to develop a digital platform in digital format, instigating a safe environment and the search for help and emotional support, before the institution's psychologist, on the part of victims and whistleblowers.

To develop the theoretical framework for the applied project, a literature review was conducted to understand the current situation of these phenomena in society, the digital impact and its role in social problems and the behavior of online users. Simultaneously, the research included the deepening of understanding the principles of UX/UI Design and Design Thinking methodologies, that bridge to the practical implementation of the research.

After participant observation, in which there was direct communication with the school and other entities, the platform, branded Nook, was developed using various methodologies, including the construction of personas, information architecture, visual identity, wireframes/workflows, prototyping, usability tests based on the adapted SUS methodology and, finally, analysis of the results obtained.

With the development of this platform, prioritizing user-centered design, the aim was to enable an intervention and prevention option for victims of this type of violence in the current Portuguese education system, through constant evolution of the platform, considering user feedback and suggestions for improvement.




bullying; cyberbullyng; digital communication; digital design



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