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Sustainability and Creativity: Growing Mindsets for a Greener Tomorrow through STEAM

Lisa Gjedde, Aalborg University, Dept. for Culture and Learning (Denmark)


The presentation explores R&D designs for fostering sustainability mindsets among youth through the integration of arts and science (STEAM) as a transformative approach in education and discusses the implications. By emphasizing the creation of learner-produced videos and animations, this study demonstrates how learners, through engagement with the arts and media, can catalyze environmental awareness and proactive attitudes toward sustainability. The research relies on the premise that creative expression and use of interactive media and games, may enhance understanding of complex STEAM concepts as well as encourage a deeper reflection on sustainability and environmental stewardship. The methodology utilized a mixed-methods approach, combining qualitative insights from student-led media projects with quantitative surveys. The study explored how the process of creating digital content—ranging from educational animations to documentary-style videos—may catalyze the integration of sustainable practices into daily life as well as a broader sustainability mindset, thus promoting a holistic understanding of STEAM subjects. Key preliminary findings suggest that learners who engage in arts and games develop a more nuanced understanding of sustainability issues, demonstrating increased empathy and a greater sense of agency in addressing environmental challenges. Moreover, the research also underscores the role of the arts in STEAM education as a vehicle for critical thinking and innovative problem-solving, enabling students to visualize and communicate complex ideas effectively.

In conclusion, this study contributes to the growing body of literature on the importance of interdisciplinary approaches to education. This also highlights the potential of STEAM as a pathway to cultivating sustainability mindsets. By integrating the arts and encouraging the production of learner-generated media as well as games, educators can unlock new avenues for engaging youth in meaningful discussions about sustainability, thereby paving the way for a more environmentally conscious and creative generation.


Keywords: Sustainability mindset, STEAM, creative learning, mediaproduction, interactive media



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