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Enhancing Internal Audit Education: Bridging the Gap Between Technicality and Engagement

Lethiwe Nzama-Sithole, University of Johannesburg (South Africa)


Internal audit knowledge and skills are crucial as internal auditors play a pivotal role in adding value to businesses. However, the auditing module often presents challenges, perceived as overly technical and difficult for students to grasp and apply concepts effectively. As a result, there's a pressing need for innovative approaches by educators to revamp curriculum and teaching pedagogies, igniting students' interest in the subject.

This research delves into the perceptions and expectations of undergraduate internal auditing students concerning the educational benefits derived from guest lecturers. Employing a robust survey methodology, quantitative data were meticulously gathered and analyzed using SPSS, facilitating a comprehensive comparison of mean values across various demographic segments. Furthermore, qualitative insights from open-ended questions underwent rigorous thematic analysis via inductive coding.

Findings unequivocally revealed the positive influence of guest lectures in enhancing student interest and active participation in auditing. These insights carry significant implications for educators in higher education institutions, offering invaluable guidance to refine teaching methodologies. By leveraging these findings, educators can effectively cultivate student engagement within their instructional modules, thereby enriching the overall learning experience in internal audit education.

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