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Enhancing Internal Auditing Education: Exploring the Impact of Kahoot! as a Game-Based Student Response System on Classroom Dynamics and Learning Experience"

lethiwe nzama-sithole, University of Johannesburg (South Africa)


Technology integration in educational settings is increasingly recognized for its potential to enhance student engagement and motivation. Game-based student response systems, in particular, have emerged as effective tools in fostering engagement, improving classroom dynamics, and enriching the overall learning experience. This article presents the outcomes of research investigating students' experiences with a game-based student response system, Kahoot!, within an internal auditing course at a research-intensive teaching university in South Africa.

Using a questionnaire, we surveyed students enrolled in the Diploma in Accountancy program, ranging from 2nd to 3rd year. The study explored the extent to which Kahoot! influenced classroom dynamics, motivation, and the learning process. Key findings indicate that Kahoot! significantly enhanced the quality of student learning, with the most substantial impact observed on classroom dynamics, engagement, motivation, and overall learning experience.

Moreover, our findings suggest that integrating educational games into the classroom environment has the potential to mitigate distractions, thereby improving teaching and learning quality beyond traditional methods. Additional factors contributing to enhanced learning included the creation and integration of relevant content in Kahoot!, timely feedback provision, and the implementation of effective game-play (gamification) strategies.

In summary, this research underscores the transformative impact of technology-enhanced learning tools like Kahoot! in promoting student engagement, motivation, and overall learning outcomes in the context of internal auditing education.

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