The Future of Education

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Bored of Education: A Rising Rebellion in Innovative Schools

Tiffany Thenor, WonderHere Education Foundation (United States)


Today's schools are producing paper-pushing, cubicle filling, rule followers . . . and this worked fine for a while, but does it anymore? What of the innovative, critical thinking, problem solving leaders needed for tomorrow? What kind of a learning incubator must we design to yield the kind of thinkers and makers for a brighter society? Industry leaders are looking less and less to GPA, SAT scores, and teacher recommendations to inform hiring decisions when innovative, community development, and coloring out of the lines is demanded and our schools need to change in order to meet this growing demand. After teaching in traditional public education for 8 years, my best friend and I decided to leave the classroom to create our own school in search for where the joy, the creativity, the life in learning had escaped to. My experiences as a founder and leader in educational innovation has led me to discover the true future of education. Discarding letter grades, homework, report cards, and standards-driven decision making; I have worked to design a learning model that is both enjoyable and meaningful and joyfully breaking age-old rules and bad habits along the way. Let’s talk school, change, and innovative learning environments! I have so much experience I would love to share!



Innovative Education, Play and Project-based Instruction, microschool, child-centered learning practices  


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