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Equitable Grading Practices in Higher Education: Examining the Impact of Lenient Assignment Deadlines on Student Success in College Composition Course, English 101

Jewel Kerr Jackson, Community College of Baltimore County (United States)


Community college students often face barriers to completing coursework on time. Late assignment submissions are not necessarily reflective of the students’ ability or understanding of course concepts, but can be due to circumstances including work, familial caregiving, housing, or food insecurity, and/or a myriad of other reasons. A mixed method study was conducted with students enrolled in a college composition course, English 101, to determine the effectiveness of removing late penalties for students who submitted course assignments late. The study included a survey with open and closed ended questions, interviews with students who submitted work late, and an analysis of pass/fail rates before and after the implementation of the no late penalty policy. This interactive session will discuss the findings of the study and give participants practical suggestions for implementing deadline flexibility in college level courses. Focusing on equity and access, I will discuss how this policy influences students' overall performance and course completion rates, with a specific emphasis on marginalized communities. This discussion aligns with broader discussions on equitable educational practices and aims to provide insights into the challenges faced by students from underrepresented backgrounds. This presentation will engage attendees interested in fostering inclusivity in higher education, addressing the intersection of academic policies and equity to promote more accessible learning environments.



deadline flexibility, student success, inclusion



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