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Developing Empathy in the Context of Positive Social Relationships

Dilyana Svetoslavova Angelova, Paisii Hilendarski Plovdiv University, Plovdiv (Bulgaria)


Abstract – The article discusses the theoretical underpinnings, as well as particular aspects, related to the development of empathy. Empathy arises and develops in the process of communication and is a critical skill that plays an important role in our successful social and emotional functioning. Children who feel accepted and connected to others feel liked, valued, and respected, and this positive self-image enhances their ability to initiate and maintain positive social relationships. School age is the time when children begin to form more complex interpersonal relationships, experience heightened emotional sensitivity, and the way they make sense of and perceive others and the world becomes increasingly detailed. In the space of social relationships, the relationship between friendship and empathy is central. Friendship is revealed as the basis for developing empathy and at the same time as a requirement for creating and maintaining a friendship relationship.




empathy, friendship, prosocial interaction, social relationships


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