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Exploring Translation Mistakes in Tourism Messages Through Human and AI Perspective

Asta Pukiene, Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution (Lithuania)

Ieva Brazauskaite-Zubaviciene, Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution (Lithuania)

Marijana Prodanovic, Sinergija University (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Marit Piirman, University of Tartu Pärnu College (Estonia)

Karit Jäärats, University of Tartu Pärnu College (Estonia)


The phenomenon of globalization has transformed our world into a tightly-knit community where countries are more intertwined than ever before. Within this global framework, effective communication is vital for smooth interactions between travellers and their destinations. However, the linguistic variation inherent in global tourism highlights the necessity for accurate translation to overcome language barriers and convey information accurately. Errors in translation can lead to misunderstandings, affecting the traveller’s perception and diminishing the quality of their experience. The current research aims to analyse the patterns and significance of language mistakes found in the English translations of tourism messages across various European countries and determine whether humans or rapidly evolving AI-driven tools are more adept at recognizing and interpreting these errors. The practical implications of the research findings offer language learners and language professionals a great opportunity to refine their own translation skills. By observing and learning from both human translators’ expertise and the strengths of AI-driven tools, learners can integrate these insights into their translation practices.


Keywords: tourism messages; translation mistakes; Artificial intelligence

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