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Building Observational Skills - Secondary Benefit of Environmental Education

Claudia Marian, Cluj Napoca Technical University (Romania)


Attentional processes are important factors in the functioning of cognitive capacity and influence learning performance Attention develops gradually through exercise, becomes more and more organized, more flexible and more independent from the context (more autonomous); high attentional efficiency, synonymous with observational skills, allow the conscious and quick selection of relevant information, the easy manipulation of mental representations during the performance of certain tasks until their completion, the inhibition of distracting stimuli, etc. Due to their importance, the formation of observational skills should become explicit educational objectives. As a starting premise, different study disciplines participate in a differentiated way in the crystallization of observational skills, and biology and environmental education, through specific activities, ensure an increased yield in this sense. The present study aims to evaluate teachers' perceptions regarding the general level of students' attentional functioning, the general level of development of their observational skills, to carry out an analysis of the formative values of the various disciplines on the development of observational capacity. In parallel, it is proposed to evaluation of specific types of activities carried out within environmental education through the prism of the training potential for observation skills. The possibility of transferring attention skills acquired from one field to another is also of great interest. The instruments used in the study are the 10-point Likert scales and the results obtained indicate the opportunity to use environmental education, and not only them, as forms of exercise, flexibility and autonomous functioning of the attentional capacity and the development of observational skills



observational skills, attention, environmental education



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