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Enhancing Modern Foreign Language Learning through Virtual Reality in Ireland: Pre-service Language Teachers’ Perceptions and Experiences in the Post-Primary Classroom.

Eileen Bowman, University College Dublin (Ireland)


This small-scale qualitative study investigates the perceptions and experiences of pre-service (and in-service) language teachers regarding the integration of Virtual reality (VR) in the language classroom to enhance motivation and inclusion. Through semi-structured interviews and thematic analysis, the study explores the teachers’ experiences, attitudes, and reflections on the use of VR technologies for language learning. By focusing on a small-scale sample, the research provides in-depth insights into individual perspectives, facilitating a nuanced understanding of the benefits and challenges of VR integration in the Irish context. Preliminary findings suggest that pre-service teachers perceive VR technologies as valuable tools for supplementing more traditional language instruction, offering opportunities for personalised learning, as well as a means for motivating post-primary students and enhancing their cultural knowledge of the Foreign Language country/ies as per the Junior Cycle curricular reform. However, concerns were expressed around the widespread implementation of VR due to technical abilities, costs, school policies, potential sensory overload and pre-made materials availability.


Keywords: Virtual Reality, Language teaching, foreign language teaching, Junior Cycle, motivation, inclusion

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