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Exploring Schooling Experiences of Students with Visual Impairments in Pakistan: A Qualitative Inquiry

Khansa Maria, University of Oxford (United Kingdom)


This qualitative study delves into the diverse schooling experiences of students with visual impairments in Pakistan, offering a comprehensive analysis within various educational contexts. Through semi-structured interviews and observations, the research investigates the accessibility and inclusivity of different types of schools available to these students. Five key dimensions are explored: (A) the range of schools accessible to students with visual impairments, (B) perceptions of teachers towards visually impaired students, (C) interactions and treatment of visually impaired students by their peers, (D) attitudes and behaviours of teachers towards visually impaired students, and (E) the adequacy of resources and accommodations in addressing their needs. Furthermore, the study delves into how enrolment in these diverse schooling environments shapes the cultural capital of visually impaired students. Educational settings examined include state-sponsored public schools, private institutions, religious academies, home-based education, and segregated schools catering specifically to students with disabilities. By scrutinizing these dimensions across varied contexts, this research contributes to a deeper understanding of the educational landscape for visually impaired students in Pakistan and offers insights for policy and practice to enhance inclusivity and support.



Disability, Inclusion, Special Needs, Equity, Inclusive Education.



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