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Integrating Adaptive Learning and Classroom Learning: A Single Case Study on Technology Onboarding

Cindy Ong, University of Oxford (United Kingdom)


The burgeoning interest in Artificial Intelligence for education (AIED) has manifested in multiple forms across different education systems in various parts of the world. This can range from use of data analytics, automated assessment, and adaptive learning platforms to the adoption of ChatGPT by teachers and students. This research presentation takes a deep dive into a Singaporean classroom to closely examine a teacher’s attempt to integrate an adaptive learning platform in his English Language classroom, focusing on his efforts at technology onboarding. Students’ responses to both the adaptive learning platform and their teacher’s onboarding efforts will also be discussed. This research is motivated by a real-world concern of the increasing dollar investment on adaptive learning platforms despite the lack of a conclusive evidence base [1]. It is also in response to a gap in current understanding on how to introduce and integrate adaptive learning platforms with classroom learning. Preliminary results show that a teacher’s best onboarding effort is a necessary but insufficient condition for sustaining students’ use of adaptive learning platforms. Systemic factors such as school learning culture and home environment also exert a strong influence in shaping students’ learning choices and behaviors. Furthermore, this case study provides a snapshot of students’ learning outside of school and offers a glimpse of possible factors that shape students’ attitudes and use of an adaptive learning platform. This study marks a critical first step in expanding current discourse on adaptive learning, which appears to focus on the development as opposed to the use effective adaptive learning platforms [2]. It seeks to invite critical discussion on the optimal integration of such platforms with current school systems and the development of effective pedagogies that support the use of these platforms for classroom learning. 

Artificial Intelligence in Education, Adaptive Learning, Technology Integration, Teacher Learning, Student Agency


[1] Major, L., Francis, G. A., & Tsapali, M. (2021). The effectiveness of technology‐supported personalised learning in low‐ and middle‐income countries: A meta‐analysis. British Journal of Educational Technology, 52(5), 1935–1964.

[2] Essa, A. (2016). A possible future for next generation adaptive learning systems. Smart Learning Environments, 3(1), 1–24.

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