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Transformative Technologies in Language Education: Exploring the Impact of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Online Platforms

Irfan Mehmood, Lecturer at University of Okara, Pakistan (Pakistan)

Tahir Mehmood, Sunchon National University (Korea, Republic of)


Technology is an essential element in language education, providing unique and innovative approaches to language learning. This presentation highlights how the integration of AI, VR, and online platforms is helping to revolutionize language education. It goes into detail about the various benefits these technologies bring to the table, including improved language learning outcomes, increased student engagement, and the ability to provide personalized instruction. AI has transformed language education by adopting an individualized and flexible process for teaching. Well, AI can help us students who come from different language backgrounds and gradually bring us to the same level of comprehension. It does that by providing a private class session to every student. This personalized nature of AI makes it more friendly and helpful to all the students. Virtual Reality provides a method for language instruction, where students can practice their language skills within real-life contexts and situations. A virtual environment can assist students in improving their communication skills by allowing them to practice it in a safer and more controlled environment. It can help them develop context-specific language abilities, such as those needed for academic or professional settings. The presentation discusses how using virtual reality can help to improve language ability and cultural comprehension. Online platforms are really important because they provide language education to people who might not have access otherwise and they let you study whenever you want. The class talks about the benefits of digital language courses, online communities for language learners, and tools that enable learners to work together online. Furthermore, the challenges and prospects of online language instruction will be examined in depth. The presentation will give educators, researchers and policymakers an overview of the ever-changing technology use in language education. By assessing the influence of AI, VR and online tools, learners will understand how these advancements can be utilized to craft meaningful and inclusive language learning experiences. This research aims to promote a futuristic perspective on using technology as a powerful tool to revolutionize language education.

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