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Critical Thinking with Online Communities of Practice and Learning in Teacher Education

Rui Vieira, Research Centre on Didactics and Technology in the Education of Trainers, Department of Education and Psychology, University of Aveiro, CIDTFF, 3810-193 Aveiro, Portugal. (Portugal)

Maria Celina C. Tenreiro-Vieira, Research centre on didactics and technology in the education of trainers, Department of Education and Psychology, University of Aveiro, CIDTFF, 3810-193 Aveiro, Portugal (Portugal)


Communities of Practice and Learning (CPL), particularly those online, have been assuming a relevant role in teacher education [1,2]. Within this scope, one of the emerging purposes revolves around promoting the potential for critical thinking (CT) among future teachers, notably as a fundamental component for the development of scientifically and technologically literate citizens [3]. This is crucial, as teachers who themselves are critical thinkers tend to develop practices that encourage CT, creating multiple opportunities for students to mobilize critical thinking skills and valuing the development of critical thinking. Within this framework, over the past 14 years, an online CPL has been developed in various contexts, specifically within the curriculum of Science Didactics for Portuguese Elementary Education. The purpose of this proposal is to present the contributions of the online CPL in promoting CT. Methodologically, a description of this community and how it was fostered will be provided, aiming particularly to appeal to the CT abilities of graduate students. This is a mixed-method study. The data collected, for example, in interactions in different situations and contexts, such as discussion forums and autonomous work tasks proposed, including assessment, were subjected to content analysis. The results of the Cornell Critical Thinking Test (level X) were subjected to descriptive and inferential statistical analyses. Overall, the results consistently indicate improvement in the CT skills of future teachers. CPLs appear, therefore, in the context of Science Didactics education, as a facilitating pathway for promoting CT among future teachers of Elementary Education.

Keywords: Communities of Practice and Learning (CPL); Critical Thinking; Teacher Education



1] Vieira, R. M. (2018). As comunidades Online na promoção do pensamento crítico em Didática das Ciências. Universidade de Aveiro editora.

[2] Corazza, M. J, Rodrigues, J. L., Justina, L. A., & Vieira, R. M. (2017). Comunidades de prática como espaços de investigação no campo de pesquisa formação de professores. Revista Pesquisa Qualitativa, 5 (9), 466-494. (

[3] Tenreiro Vieira, C. e Vieira, R. M. (2013). Literacia e pensamento crítico: um referencial para a educação em ciências e em matemática. Revista Brasileira de Educação, 18(52), 183-242.

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