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Using Mobile Devices to Explore Local History

Maria Ampartzaki, University of Crete, Greece (Greece)


This paper presents a constructivist framework for developing local history learning projects in a constructivist framework for the early years. Taking advantage of the multimodal abilities offered by mobile devices we create educational designs for teaching local history following the principles of inquiry-based and scenario-based learning. These two strategies create a constructivist environment in which children carried out inquiries, search for and record data and draw conclusions on the basis of evidence. The multimodality offered by the mobile devices is combined with the multimodality of the physical space to offer ample opportunities for the development of multiliteracies (literacy, scientific literacy, digital literacy, geo-literacy, numeracy etc.). We present and discuss the learning features and pedagogical principles of this learning framework through the analysis of an example of educational design aimed to help children learn about a famous historical event: the Abduction of General Kreipe. This took place in the island of Crete and although it is considered to belong to local history it had an international impact.

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