The Future of Education

Edition 14

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Venter Mwongera, African Biodiversity Network (Kenya)


The intersection of education and society in the digital era presents an intricate landscape ripe for exploration. The Future of Education Conference 2024 delves into this domain, aiming to unravel the symbiotic relationship between educational practices and societal dynamics in an increasingly digitalized world. Through a multifaceted lens, this topic scrutinizes the transformative potential of digital technology on pedagogical methodologies and learning paradigms.

Drawing upon seminal research, such as that of Selwyn (2016), which underscores the need for critical engagement with digital technology in educational contexts, and Eynon and Geniets (2016), who advocate for a nuanced understanding of digital literacy within socio-cultural frameworks, this discourse navigates the complexities inherent in leveraging technology for educational enhancement. It explores how digital tools can be harnessed to foster inclusive learning environments, empower learners, and cultivate digital citizenship.

Furthermore, this exploration extends beyond the confines of classroom walls, probing the broader societal implications of digital education. As posited by Jandrić et al. (2018), the digitalization of education not only reshapes educational practices but also intersects with larger socio-political and economic structures, necessitating critical inquiry into issues of equity, access, and power dynamics.

In essence, this topic serves as a catalyst for dialogue and reflection, inviting scholars, educators, and policymakers to interrogate the intricate interplay between education and society in the digital age. By engaging with diverse perspectives and empirical evidence, the conference endeavors to chart a path forward towards a more equitable, inclusive, and digitally fluent educational landscape.


Digital Education, Socio-cultural Frameworks, Educational Technology, Digital Citizenship, Equity and Access, Postdigital Education



[1] Eynon, R., & Geniets, A. (2016). The digital learner: Critical perspectives on lifelong learning, digital inclusion and educational opportunity. New York, NY: Routledge.

[2] Jandrić, P., Knox, J., Besley, T., Ryberg, T., Suoranta, J., & Hayes, S. (2018). Postdigital science and education. Educational Philosophy and Theory, 50(10), 893-899.

[3] Selwyn, N. (2016). Is technology good for education? Cambridge, UK: Polity Press.

International Journal of Instructional Technology and Distance Learning, 2(1), 3–10.


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