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Assessing Entrepreneurial Competences among University Students: The Albanian Case

Artur Jaupaj, Canadian Institute of Technology (CIT) (Albania)

Edmira Cakrani, Canadian Institute of Technology (CIT) (Albania)


The European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework (EECF) focusing on four dimensions: “Ideas and Opportunities”, “Personal Resources”, “Specific Knowledge”, and “Into Action” remains an essential reference and indispensable tool to foster an entrepreneurial mindset in order to better manage the rapidly changing societies, dynamic careers, and create financial, cultural and social values for all. It further aims to establish a link between youthwork, education, employment, and enterprise. The purpose of this paper is to assess the Entrepreneurial Competences of university students in Albania by making use of a specially designed and adapted questionnaire (Bacigalupo et al, 2016 & Armuña et al, 2020), which has derived from the above-mentioned framework. As such, the Entrepreneurship Competence questionnaire has been addressed to a selected number of students from both public and private universities and bivariate and statistical analyses have been applied to the interpretation of results and suggestions recommended by the study.       

Key words: The European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework (EECF), the Entrepreneurship Competence questionnaire, assessment of Entrepreneurial Competences, entrepreneurial education in Albania 


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