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Language Acquisition VS Language Learning

Lina Guettaf, Ibn Khaldoun University (Algeria)


We have been taught that going to school is the only way through which we can learn . However the case is different for languages . We have two ways to study a language which are acquisition and learning, there are many differences between the two but the main one is that acquisition is subconcious ; simillar to children it happens unconsciously ; here the speaker or the child exposed language through the interacting to its environment without the  need to grammar . However learning is a conscious operation that involves rules and structures. Now the question is ; can adults acquire a language or only children ?  

There are different theories of language  acquisition among the mis  mis behaviourist theories which is based on work by Skuner in which he talked about how children imitate adults . Inatenses is another theory based on work by Chomesky in which he explained how children are born with the ability to learn a language. Interaction theories based on work by Brumer ; language can only be acquired in the context of interaction . As a conclusion can adults have the ability to acquire a language if they expose a new linguistics environment , in order to succeed in teaching a language we should take both methods learning methods and acquistion methods by creating a linguistic environment for the student that helps him  speaking the language.








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