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Motivation as a Driving Force for a Growing Interest in Physics

Lejla Jelovica, University of Rijeka, Faculty of Health Studies (Croatia)


Research findings from educational psychology show that motivation has a significant impact on learning efficiency, increasing interest in a particular subject and also on better academic success [1]. In order to optimize student learning, the chosen motivation theory in the teaching process should be appropriate for the particular subject and pedagogical environment [2]. In this context, special attention should be paid to the cognitive processes that increase student motivation [3]. Since physics, as one of the STEM subjects, is often difficult for students mainly because of its abstract nature and its connection to mathematics, one of the main objectives is to recognize and better understand the problems students face when learning this subject. It is also necessary to select and apply the right motivational methods to increase students' interest and develop a positive attitude towards physics. To find out which type of motivation best contributes to more successful learning outcomes, the study was conducted with a sample of 216 primary school students. In this article, we discuss the results of the study.



 learning, motivation, physics



[1]. Lo, K.W.K.; Ngai, G.; Chan, S.C.F.; Kwan, K. How Students’ Motivation and Learning Experience Affect Their Service-Learning Outcomes: A Structural Equation Modeling Analysis. Front. Psychol. 2022, 13, doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2022.825902.

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