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How to Teach Science-Oriented Subjects in a Digital Way? Experiences from DigiMat Erasmus+ Project

Krzysztof Jastrzębski, Lodz University of Technology (Poland)


Since the pandemics, a great focus has been put on the development of providing classes in a digital form. A special focus was put on the science-oriented subjects, especially due to the fact that these classes in a traditional way are performed based on the laboratory experiments and learning-by-doing.

Facing the problems of translation engineering subjects into a student-friendly form of lessons delivery, the team from Lodz University of Technology (Poland) together with partners from Estonia, Greece and Czechia developed a project on the facilitation and implementation of online classes of materials engineering in different thematic areas. For that purpose, an online learning environment – a digital platform, into which different materials science classes are implemented, was created. The way of using the platform makes it possible to easily integrate uploaded materials and cases into already existing curricula and educational practices and serve as a helpful tool for enriching classroom experiences and facilitation of more effective development of knowledge and skills in materials engineering. The platform also enriches classroom interactions and learning experiences through the use of digital technologies, exploits the advantages of digital technology in service of online teaching of technology-related subjects, and, what is very beneficial for technical university teachers, helps to develop skills on topics related to materials science understanding and implementation, when traditional forms of teaching and learning cannot be applied. The platform also promotes active student engagement in the learning process, both in short and in the long term due to the implementation of the gamification and student activity booster elements.

The given presentation will present the implementation of the DigiMat learning environment within the area of teaching science-oriented subjects, with the major focus on materials engineering.

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