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Prospective Primary School Teachers’ Views on the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education

Sümeyra Akkaya, İnönü University (Turkey)


While technology supports life in a positive way in every sense, it is also a social and individual threat due to the addictions and risks it creates. Considering the requirements of the 21st century, it seems impossible to think of an education completely free of technology. One of the most important missions of faculties of education is to train teachers with 21st century skills. Both instructors and prospective teachers use technology in theoretical and practical processes in teacher education. Artificial intelligence tools, which are an important output of technology, attract the attention of prospective teachers in higher education. In recent years, it is seen that prospective teachers especially benefit from artificial intelligence tools while doing their homework and this situation creates some problems. Although the homework assignments dictated to artificial intelligence tools are like each other, prospective teachers prefer artificial intelligence tools instead of producing an original homework assignment. This study aims to reveal how prospective primary school teachers utilize artificial intelligence tools in higher education life. The research will be conducted with a case study approach from qualitative research methods. In a case study, an individual, a group, an institution and an environment are examples of the situations to be studied (Yildirim & Simsek, 2013). Case study is a scientific research method used when an event is wanted to be addressed in depth. It is a method in which an entity, event, environment or social group is investigated in detail depending on a certain place, space and time (Buyukozturk, Kilic, Cakmak, Akgun, Karadeniz, & Demirel, 2022; McMillan, 2004). The participants of the study consist of 25 prospective primary school teachers who volunteered to participate in the study among the undergraduate students enrolled in Inonu University Faculty of Education, Department of Primary School Teacher Education Program in the 2023-2024 academic year. The data of the study will be collected with a semi-structured interview form created by the researcher. After the data are collected, they will be transcribed and related themes will be created in line with the codes obtained. The reporting process of the research is ongoing. The results, conclusion and discussion of the research will be included in the full text conference proceedings.

Keywords: Artificial intelligence, prospective teachers, primary education


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