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Generative AI: Will It Cause a Paradigm Shift in Educational Practice?

Joseph Vancell, University of Malta (Malta)


In the past two years, artificial intelligence (AI) made great strides, grabbing the attention of numerous academics, but, published scientific investigations reveal that teachers, either through scepticism, a lack of knowledge of the benefits of AI as an educational tool, or a lack of skills, did not ride this bandwagon. Therefore, in this brief literature review, the potential uses of generative AI in education, as proposed by researchers and education specialists, will be analysed. AI integration in education may cause a paradigm shift in both teaching and learning, offering previously unheard-of potential as well as complex challenges. This paper examines crucial aspects of using AI in the classroom that help in reaching learning objectives. It also addresses ethical concerns. It will additionally discuss equality and accessibility issues and look at the ramifications of employing AI-generated content in schools and other educational professional sites. This paper seeks to offer a balanced viewpoint on the appropriate and successful use of modern technologies in education by incorporating these important concerns into a thorough discussion, emphasising the necessity of a careful, ethical, and inclusive strategy for their adoption.


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