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Don Kiraly

Institution: University of Mainz

Address: Lindelbrunnweg 13

Postal Code: 76726

Country: Germany

Don Kiraly is a Professor in the School of Translation, Linguistics and Cultural Studies of the University of Mainz, located in Germersheim, Germany.

He holds MA degrees in international affairs and the teaching of French as well as a PhD in secondary education. He has taught at university level in France, Germany, Spain and the US since 1977 and has been educating translators at the FTSK of the University of Mainz since 1983. He also has some thirty years of experience as a professional freelance translator.

Don has been actively involved in research in the areas of foreign language teaching and translator education for the past 30 years. He has published two monographs, several dozen articles and book chapters and has also recently co-edited two volumes of articles on innovation in translator education. He has an international reputation as a pioneer and a leading scholar in the area of collaborative learning in translator education.

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