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Ioan Grosu

Institution: Apollonia University

Country: Romania

Ioan Grosu is Professor of Physics (retired since 1st Oct. 2010 ).

He graduated Physics(1968) and did his PhD(1982) at Physics Department , Al.I.Cuza University. He worked as researcher 10 years (19681979) , moved to teaching at Physics Department , Technical University Iasi (1979-1990) , moved to Physics Department , Al.I.Cuza University ((1990-1993)+(1995-1997)), Fulbright Grantee at Beckmann Institute , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) (1993-1995), the last 13 years as Professor at Bioengineering Faculty , University of Medicine and Pharmacy Iasi .

The main research results are on Control and Synchronization of Chaotic Systems that received more than 120 citations in scientific literature. The best paper is published in Physical review Letters (2008).

He published 3 papers on Physics Education in American Journal of Physics , European Journal of Physics and Physics Education (Bristol,UK).

Ioan Grosu has 9 patents . The last 2 are of popular interest : Driven Spinning Top and
Garden Rainbow. The last two papers are published in Open Access journals : They present
some benefits of the Driven Spinning Top to school children.

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