The Future of Education

Edition 14

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Imelda Graham

Institution: EnCourage

Address: 2 Brookview Court

Postal Code: Y14YE13

Country: Ireland

Imelda Graham works independently as an education, learning and research consultant. Imelda is an associate of Universal Learning Systems (ULS).

Imelda graduated in Arts, focused on Training and Development, and subsequently with an M. Phil in Corporate Strategy in non-profit organisations. Imelda has a Diploma in Child Development, and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Equality and Diversity.

Imelda specialises in both adult and children’s learning. Imelda has served on the Board of the National Childhood Network, highlighting, and addressing quality issues in the Childhood sector across Ireland. She also served on the board of the IITD, the Irish Institute of Training and Development, and on the board of the ETDF, the European Training and Development Federation. She is a member of PEIN, the Prevention and Early Intervention Network in Ireland, EDEN DLE in Europe and NRCA in the US.

Imelda has worked with disadvantaged communities throughout her career. In recent years Imelda has authored several publications with Barnardos Ireland and has worked on a number of Erasmus+ Projects, independently, and with ULS and European partners. Imelda has lectured at a number of Irish universities. Imelda provides mentoring to under-and post-graduates on an individual basis.

Imelda worked for two years in an independent refugee camp in Lesvos, Greece, with Lesvos Solidarity, establishing a kindergarten and learning supports for adults.

Recent and ongoing work includes working with PEIN on the PSPS Project; with ULS on a number of Erasmus+ projects including APPS, AV, IHES, CARE, CAMPS, EYDP and others. Imelda has presented and spoken at many national and internal conferences.

The role of Play in the lives of both children and adults is a key focus, while advocating for the voice of the child to be included as a basic right.

Areas of expertise: Adult and Children’s Learning; equality and diversity; intercultural issues; early years services development; children’s rights; mentoring; strategic planning and quality issues.

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