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Nadejda Balici

Institution: Universitatea de Medicina N TESTERMITANU

Country: Monaco

Bâlici Nadejda, superior lecturer of Romanian Language and medical terminology of
The State University of Medicine and Pharmacy „Nicolae Testemițeanu” of the Republic
of Moldova.
Since 1990 I hold the course of aplicated romanian language and medical terminology
in groups of local and foreign students, at faculties of Medecine, Public Health, Dentistry
and Pharmacology.
In 1996 I had internship courses reffering the methods of teaching romanian language
at the Dunarea de Jos University in Galati, Romania.
Research branch: methods of teaching medical terminology.
Author of conceptional method of teaching Romanian for foreign students.
In her course, she applies the method of the constructivist paradigm using the ICT

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