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Sergio Pellicioni

Institution: Archivo della Memoria

Country: Italy

Dr. Pelliccioni is the Director of the Archivio della Memoria, Director of the Official Web TV of the Tor Vergata University of Rome ( and free lance Professor in the BECOT course of Tor Vergata University of Rome titled "Audiovisual Production in Cultural Heritage and Tourism". He participated in 2007-2008 in the LLP Grundtvig Partnership titled “Fotomemoria”. He is the coordinator of a cooperation project against AIDS in Cameroon funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and from the Instituto Superiore di Sanità, and Project Manager of different research in social, education, communication and cultural fields actually developed in Rome and Lazio Region. Free lance professor for several years in MATEA, Master in Theory and Qualitative Analysis La Sapienza University of Rome, and in the private Roman School of Photography with the course titled "Anthropology Applications in Photo-Reportage". He produced among his last works in 2010 a video communicational campaign with the production of 21 different videos to support the students of Lazio Region in the choice of their Faculty; a video documentary on the figure of the Statesman Aldo Moro killed in 1978 by the Red Brigades; a video documentary on the figure of the intellectual and writer Leonardo Sciascia. Currently he is working as project manager in 4 LLP projects titled "EUCIT", “Learning vs Crisis”, “Eurojob Bank”, “Be(coming) European”.

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