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Reneta Palova

Institution: Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dobrich

Country: Bulgaria

Reneta Palova is Project Manager at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Dobrich, Bulgaria. She designs and coordinates international projects related to education, languages, art, innovations and entrepreneurship.

Her areas of expertise cover creation and the handling of international partnerships; development of creative projects and promotional strategies; cultural entrepreneurship and culture management. She is fundraising and cultural management consultant.

Since 2005 Reneta Palova is involved in research of the visual representation of the European cities - their linguistic landscape and their visual identity. She is developer and coordinator of the European Language Label award-winning Signs in the City project, Beyond Signs in the city project, and Tell Me a Story project. She is a leader co-author and editor of “Signs in the city” book series and of “Tell me a Story” book.

Reneta Palova is director, scriptwriter and executive producer of 14 films (shorts and documentaries), of a computer game and of number of multimedia and web-based products.

She has MA degrees in Linguistics and Human Resources Management.

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