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Olaf Herden

Institution: Cooperative State University Baden-Wuerttemberg

Address: Florianstr. 15

Postal Code: 72160

Country: Germany

Olaf Herden is professor of Computer Science and head of computer science department at Campus Horb of the Cooperative State University Baden Wuerttemberg.

He graduated in Computer Science from the University of Oldenburg in 1996. Afterwards he was researcher at OFFIS – Institute for Information Technology. He received his PhD from University of Oldenburg in 2001. Topic of his thesis was a design methodology for data warehouses. In 2002 he joined Cooperative State University Baden Wuerttemberg as professor for computer science.

Olaf Herden holds lectures in programming, algorithms and data structures, database systems and machine learning.

His research interests are in the areas of modern database systems and in educational issues of computer science.

Areas of expertise: Programming, databases, education in computer science.

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