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Apostolos Spanos

Institution: Professor of History, University of Agder

Address: University of Agder, Post Box 422

Postal Code: 4604

Country: Norway

Apostolos Spanos is a professor of History at the University of Agder, Norway. His research and teaching are based on interdisciplinary approaches to history as a discipline and to historical evolution as a phenomenon. His interests lie in historical consciousness, the coinherence of historical times, modeling history, the use of AI in studying and teaching history, the use of games to study the past, and the study of innovation as a mode of historical existence and evolution.

He has given courses in Historical consciousness; Historical theory and method (including digital history); Understanding historical time and the use of history; Games and gaming as historical sources; Ancient Greek history; Byzantine history and culture; Relationships between Byzantium and Scandinavia. He has used various methods and strategies of teaching, including flipped classroom and the use of LLMs to improve student performance in classrooms and the exams. He have also used various types of examination, including individualized exams.

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