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Pablo Campos Calvo-Sotelo

Institution: Universidad CEU-San Pablo

Country: Spain

PABLO CAMPOS CALVO-SOTELO, Doctor of Architecture from the Universidad Politécnica of Madrid, is currently An Aggregate Professor of Architecture in the Universidad San Pablo-C.E.U. His Doctoral Thesis, “The University in Spain: History, Urban Planning, and Architecture”, published in 2000 by the Ministry of Fomentation and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of Spain, encompasses the most complete and profound analyses of the Spanish universities to date.
He has written numerous articles for both national and international specialized magazines, such as the Society for College and University Planning (USA), the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the International Association of Universities (IAU-UNESCO).
Pablo Campos has given conferences in different Spanish universities and institutions, as well as in international centres such as Columbia University, McGill University (Montreal), University of Illinois at Chicago, Cervantes Institutes of Lisbon and Utrecht, TEC of Monterrey (Mexico), La Sapienza (Italy), New York University, University of Pittsburgh, New York City College of Technology, New Jersey Institute of Technology, and the American Institute of Architects, among others.
He carried out a Seminar at the University of Niš, 2009 He has collaborated with Televisión Española as a writer for documentary programs about contemporary Spanish university architecture. He is the author of the book “El Viaje de la Utopía” (Editorial Complutense, 2002), which was granted the International Award in Architecture “Premio Vitruvio 2002” and the Award from the City Council of Madrid 2002 (category for Urban History and Research). This book was published in English in the U.S.A. as “The Journey of Utopia-The story of the first American style camus in Europe”-Nova Science Publishers, NY., 2006.
One of Campos’ most recently published books was “75 Años de la Ciudad Universitaria de Madrid: Memoria viva de un campus trascendental” (75 Years of the University-City of Madrid: Living Memory of a Transcendental Campus”)- Editorial Complutense (September 2004). It was presented in October 2004 at the King Juan Carlos Center of New York University and at Harvard University as well. His most recent books are: “Villanueva de la Cañada, Ciudad del Saber” (“Villanueva de la Cañada, City of Knowledge”) published in 2005 by the Madrid Regional Government and the Municipality of Villanueva de la Cañada, and “Campus-Madrid – Urbanism and Architecture in the Universities of the Community of Madrid” (2007), which was presented at the Universitá di Roma and the American Institute of Architects, New York.
Professor Campos is the author of the concept of “Educational Campus” for the innovation of University campuses worldwide. He has been a consultant to the Ministry of Education in Spain for the Program “Campus of International Excellence”.
In addition to his teaching and research position, since 1990 he has carried out plans and consulting projects relating to the designing of university spaces for universities, city councils and autonomous communities. Some of his work includes “Project: University Olympic Center - Madrid 2012” in 2002 and the Analysis, “University and City in the Community of Madrid” in 2004, among other projects.
In 2010 he was recipient of the Research Award “Premio Ángel Herrera” (University USPCEU) for his Research Work “The Educational Campus” and the book “Spain-Campus of International Excellence” (Ministry of Education, 2010) His most recent University works are the Strategic Plan for the University of La Laguna, the Master Plan for the University of Alcalá, the Sustainable Campus for Iberdrola (Madrid) (recipient of International MERIT AWARD 2008) and the Master Plan for the new Villamayor campus of the University of Salamanca. This project received the international Honor Award (1st category) in 2005 of “DesignShare/SCN Awards Program -The International Forum for Innovative Schools”.

Area of Expertise: Urbanism, Architecture and innovation of University campuses worldwide

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