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Joseph Vancell

Institution: University of Hull

Country: United Kingdom

Joseph Vancell is currently a Senior Research Fellow at the School of Education and Social Sciences of the Faculty of Arts, Cultures and Education at the University of Hull, United Kingdom. There, through a Reach High post-doctoral award of the Ministry of Education and Employment supported by the European Union, Operational Programme II, he is investigating the potential of e-learning for older workers. Vancell was awarded his PhD by the University of Hull (UK) for a Grounded Theory investigation of online efforts of the University of Malta. He also holds a Master Degree in Education from the University of Malta specializing in adult education, a Master Degree in e-Learning from the University of Hull and a Master of Online Teaching Certificate from the University of Illinois (US). His main research interests are adult education and e-learning. He strongly believes that, for adult learners, the online dimension is a very valid alternative to the face-to-face classroom.

Recent publications include:

Vancell, J. (2018) ‘e-Learning for older workers in SMEs? The perceptions of owners and workers in Maltese microenterprises’. Symposia Melitensia, 14, 391 - 403. ISSN: 1812-7509

Vancell, J. (2018) ‘From face-to-face to online learning: the experiences and perceptions of non-traditional students’. Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on e-Learning ICEL 2018, The Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Cape Town, South Africa, 5 - 6th July 2018, 485 – 492. ISSN: 2048-8882

Vancell, J. (2018) ‘Making the shift to e-learning: eliminating blocks and barriers to the effective and active participation of adult learners in online courses’. Proceedings of the 8th International Conference - The Future of Education, Florence, Italy, 28 – 29th July 2018, 49 – 53. ISSN: 2384-9509

Vancell, J. (2018) ‘Online Distance Courses for Older Workers: A Maltese Case Study’. Proceedings of the European Distance Education Network (EDEN) 2018 Annual Conference, Exploring the Exploring the Micro, Meso and Macro Navigating between dimensions in the digital learning landscape, Genoa, Italy, 17 – 20th June 2018, 466 – 474. ISBN 978-615-5511-23-3

Vancell, J. (2017) ‘The role of the mass media and social media’. Debono, M. (Ed.) Systems of Knowledge: An Interdisciplinary Approach, Agenda, Malta, 70 – 77. ISBN 978-99957-5-293-4

Vancell, J. (2017) ‘The Information Revolution after the Second World War’. Debono, M. (Ed.) Systems of Knowledge: An Interdisciplinary Approach, Agenda, Malta, 250 – 257. ISBN 978-99957-5-293-4

Area of Expertise: Adult education, adult vocational training, critical pedagogy, social constructivism, Grounded Theory and digital learning, e-learning for SMEs;

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