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Tatiana Kharitonova

Institution: The State Hermitage Museum

Country: Russian Federation

Tatiana Kharitonova is the Researcher of The State Hermitage Museum, psychologist, historian, the author of more than 27 scientific articles on psychology of art perception & museum communication.

She has a background in history and psychology: Faculty of History of Omsk State University by F.M. Dostoevsky; retraining in the specialty “Psychology of Management”, St. Petersburg State University; Master of Psychology, St. Petersburg State University.

Tatiana holds a PhD in Psychological sciences (at the Department of Social Psychology, Faculty of Psychology, St. Petersburg State University). Thesis: “Socio-psychological characteristics of visitors in the situation of museum communication: the example of The State Hermitage Museum”. She has been working at the State Hermitage Museum for 30 years: in the beginning as researcher-assistant of the Directorate, then as a researcher-psychologist. Tatiana has research experience in other museums (part-time job for 10 years at The State Museum of St. Isaak’s Cathedral, St. Petersburg), analytics for “Information and Analytical Center of Culture and Art” (Tyumen), analytics for The Museum of geology, oil and gas (Khanty-Mansiysk).

Key projects:

_Researches in the field of art perception and museum communication at The State Hermitage Museum (2009-to date)
_Perception & Evaluation of works of art, informational support of the expositions
_Studies of visitor’s navigation for State Hermitage & Mijkssenaar company
_Author’s series of lectures at higher educational level (SPb State University & Hermitage Museum): «The Psychology of Art», «The Psychology of visual image» (visual identity), «The Psychology of Beauty», “Fashion history and psychology”
_Workshops: “Experience of art perception”, “Saint-Petersburg: psychology & architecture of the city”, “Genius in the arts”, «Practical Psychology of beauty» “Psychology of communication”, En plain airs.

Tatiana was the speaker of numerous international scientific congresses and conferences:
_12 European Congress of Psychology, (Istanbul, 2011);
_XXX International Congress of Psychology (Cape Town, 2012);
_13 European Congress of Psychology (Stockholm, 2013);
_28th International Congress of Applied Psychology (Paris, 2014)
_VIII International IT-Forum of BRICS: IT in cultural institutions. (Khanty-Mansiysk, 2016);
_Museum today: exposition and interpretation (State Hermitage, 2016);
_“Anan'ev Readings” (Faculty of Psychology, SPb St. University, 2015, 2017);
_International Conference “Museum and the Viewer” (Perm, 2017);
_International Scientific and Practical Conference “Working Emotional Intelligence in Business and Education” (Moscow, 2018);
_International Conference “New Perspectives in Science Education” (Florence, 2019);
_International Conference “Future of Education” (Florence, 2019).

She has competences in organizing social and psychological studies in cultural institutions (coordinating a plan, concluding a contract, developing methodological tools, conducting observation, questioning, analyzing results, writing a report), including studies with the use of special equipment. Tatiana is professional in PC data analytics (working with the SPSS statistical package).
Tatiana was curator of the exhibition project “Antonio Meneghetti. Maestro di allegria” (St. Petersburg, The State Russian Museum, 2015). She is also a trainer in international seminars, organized by Kiev and Riga schools of ontopsychology, one of the authors of the method “Intuitive aesthetics” together with HAI, Lithuania.

Area/s of Expertise: Analytical Researches, Classical & Contemporary Arts, Design, Psychology of Visual Image, Criterion of Art Perception and Creativity, Language of Visual Art, Emotional Factors in the Evaluation of Art, Theory and Practice of Communication.

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