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Alberto Parola

Institution: Faculty of Education, University of Turin

Country: Italy

Alberto Parola is a Assistant Professor of Educational research at the Department of Philosophy and Education, University of Turin (from November 2002 up to now).
His main research areas include Media Education, Psycho-Educational Technology approach, Qualitative research Methods in Education. On these topics he has published several books and curatorship, book chapters and papers, scientific articles, multimedia and television products (Tv format and on line courses) and several attended meeting and conferencing presentations. Recently, he published “Figli dei media” (2005, with B. Bruschi), “Vedere, guardare, osservare la Tv” (2006, with R. Trinchero), “L’educatore come ricercatore” (2007) “Territori mediaeducativi” (2008), “Le trappole del verosimile” (2009), “Media education in action” (2010, with M. Ranieri) and “Regia educativa” (2012). Also he wrote a series of articles on the use of the web for media training and education. Currently, he’s Vice President of MED (Media Education Italian Association), Co-Director of the journal “Media education: studies, research, good practices” (2009) Educational Director of Extracampus Tv (University of Turin) and Emedus expert ( He was Scientific Advisor for the survey instruments and monitoring of kids Tv at Rai (Public Italian Television), Scientific Advisor of the project Logos of MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research) and creator and manager of the On Air - Media Education European project (

Area of Expertise: Media Education

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