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Michael Searcy

Institution: Somerset Community College

Country: United States

Dr. Michael Searcy is a faculty member of Somerset Community College in KY in the United States and President of Communication Resource Consulting, Inc.

He obtained a PhD in Communication Studies from the University of Iowa, USA in 2004. Since this time he has served on the faculty of the University of Illinois, the University of Hawaii within the USA, and taught at The University of Tabuk and Taibah University within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He has always taken a global perspective to communication and understanding within education and consulting.

Dr. Michael Searcy is an expert in communication studies, primarily within organizational communication, nonverbal communication and intercultural communication. He has conducted seminars internationally on various subjects dealing with self-esteem, nonverbal communication and student attainment as it relates to future work productivity. He has trained a number of communication consultants to teach in the classroom as well as to assist organizations to better develop their own communication infrastructure.

Dr. Michael Searcy has published in the areas of online learning, nonverbal communication and cultural competence. He is often invited to work on short term projects related to intercultural cooperation within organization.

Dr. Michael Searcy is also involved in a Television series shown within the United States to foster the growth of community involvement and student recruitment and retention at the community college level.

Area of Expertise: Organizational communication, nonverbal communication and intercultural communication

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