The Future of Education

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Ari Neuman

Institution: Western Galilee College

Country: Israel

Dr. Ari Neuman is a senior lecturer in the Department of Education at the Western Galilee College in Israel where he chairs the Education Systems Management Division.
He is interested in home schooling as the ultimate form of parental involvement in their child's education, and also as a parental response to the crisis in education.
Dr. Neuman's research explores the process of choosing to home school, the reasons for this choice, the significance of the choice itself, and the ramifications for home schooling families. He also explores the overall significance of the home schooling phenomena and its role in better understanding education today and in the future.
Dr. Neuman is also interested in program evaluation, an activity in which he has been engaged for more than 15 years, and co-chairs a private consultancy firm called the “Muvanim – Evaluation Team."

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