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Julia Huisman

Institution: NHLStenden University of Applied Sciences

Country: The Netherlands

Julia is a Senior Lecturer and researcher at NHLStenden University of Applied Sciences The Netherlands, and currently carrying out research on “ The effect of empathy on diversity and inclusion in a multicultural context ” applying DBE research methodology. The expertise that Julia has developed on this matter has given her the chance to become a key speaker in various conferences across Europe. Julia is as well Coordinator Internationalisation, and Vice-President of the Advisory Board for the School of Commerce and International Business; positions that offer her the possibility to advise on internationalisation strategies, ensure quality of education, and policies to the Governing Body of the university

Julia has been a member of the Scientific Committee of the Future of Education Conference in Florence for 5 years now; a reference for educators worldwide on innovation in education. As a member of the Scientific Committee Julia is committed to ensure the quality of the papers and topics presented at the conference, since it is of the essence that we continue innovating in worldwide education.

Julia has recently become the Chair of the Member Benefits Committee SIETAR Europa, position that allows Julia to contribute to interculturalism, diversity and inclusion as well as the chance to lead a dedicated group of professionals and experts on training and research regarding Intercultural Communication.

Julia specialised on Emotional Intelligence and the relationship it has with sustainable leadership, intercultural interaction and personal growth, Julia is very interested in exploring the relationship of the effect of empathy on equity, diversity and inclusion in Higher Education. Having written papers on these topics within multicultural settings, Julia has contributed with her research to create awareness of the importance of the so called “ soft skills” within the developments of new Curricula in Higher Education.

Areas of expertise: Internationalisation of the Curriculum, development of soft skills in Higher Education, Emotional Intelligence, positive psychology, Empathy, Intercultural Communication, diversity, inclusion.

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