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Tsvetana Stoyanova

Institution: UNWE, project No. KP-06-H 45/7 entitled "Digitalization of the learning process in higher education - identification and management model"

Country: Bulgaria

Tsvetana Stoyanova is teaching lectures and exercises: Strategic Management, Strategic Human Resource Management and Leadership. She has more than 50 publications and 4 manuals in the field of strategic management, strategic management of human resources and business planning, published in specialized management and economic issues.
Tsvetana is a member of the Scientific Alliance, section "Investments" since 2010.
Tsvetana is a member of the Faculty Council of the Faculty "Management and Administration" in UNWE since 2009.
Tsvetana is Director of the Centre for Business Excellence at the department of "Management" in UNWE since 2015.
Tsvetana is a member of the Academic Council of the UNWE since 2015.
Tsvetana is Chairman of the General Assembly of faculty "Management and administration" of UNWE since 2015.
Tsvetana is Deputy Rector of UNWE since 2019.
Tsvetana is a professor in the field of Strategic Human Resource Management.
Tsvetana was Project Manager in "Development and implementation of updated curriculum in the Bachelor`s degree, Administration and Management Professional Field, in accordance with the requirements of the labour market", Operational Programme "Development of Human Resources" .
Tsvetana has a broad experience in consulting many public and private businesses.
Tsvetana has more than 80 publications and in the fields of Strategic Management, Human Resource Management and Leadership.

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