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Per Arne Godejord Godejord

Institution: Nord University Business School

Country: Norway

Per Arne Godejord is a Senior Lecturer at Nord University Business School, Norway.

Per A. Godejord was awarded the Senior Lecturer title in ICT in 2003, based on extensive work within the field of Computer Security Awareness. He majored in Information Science at the University of Bergen, Norway in 1991 with the theme: Biometric security systems, electronic payment services and privacy. He also has major specialization in Public Law, focusing on Employment Law and Police Law from the University of Bergen, Norway. Additionally, he graduated from Pedagogical Seminar at the University of Bergen, Norway, in 1991.

He has been working with various E-Learning topics since 1996, and with Student-Centred Learning, both in on-campus courses and in pure asynchronous online courses, since 2002. He is the study program manager of the online study programmes ICT and Learning 1 and ICT and Learning 2 at Nord University Business School, Norway.

Per Arne Godejord has specialist education in evaluation and guidance of troop and team commanders from the Royal Norwegian Home Guard, and was responsible for the implementation of the principles of Tactical Evaluation and Guidance in the troop and team commanders training, Royal Norwegian Civil Defence Force - District of Nord-Tr√łndelag.

Per A. Godejord is a lecturer, at university level, in the field of ICT and Learning (Internet-based Adult Education Programmes) and Digital Preparedness (MBA topic). His research is focusing on how to increase learning outcomes in pure asynchronous online courses at university level. He is the author, and co-author, of several international papers on various aspects of Student-Centred Learning and E-Learning.

Areas of expertise: E-Learning, Student-Centered Learning, Biometric security systems, Security Awareness and Tactical Evaluation and Guidance (TAKEVAL).

Research focus: The use of computer games in Cyber Security training and digital self-preparedness; including use of social media in war with particular focus on disinformation and grassroots movements of the NAFOfellas type. Student-active Teaching in asynchronous online courses.

Member of the advisory group for "Dependency on digital infrastructure and building capability for Societal safety and resilience of digital infrastructure (Societal safety and digital infrastructure).

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