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Jorge Luque-Jiménez

Institution: University of Málaga

Country: Spain

From the very start of his academic journey, the environment and its intricate relationship with agriculture have been the driving force. His Bachelor's in Environmental Sciences from the University of Granada was the catalyst for his research activity in environmental projects. During this time, he actively contributed to the Committee for the transition from the Bachelor to the Degree, demonstrating his commitment to the field. To further his understanding of the English language and broaden his horizons, he embarked on an international study at the prestigious University of East Anglia (England).

At the end of this period, after a work experience in the world of Rural Development, where an essential part of the work is related to the field of rural women and the added difficulties of this group in said context, he completed the Master's Degree in Agroecology, Rural Development and Agrotourism, obtaining the Extraordinary Award for the best academic record of the Master. In addition, he began to publish environmental dissemination articles while carrying out professional work as an Environmental Technician, working for two public administrations at the municipal and regional level, thus achieving a broad and, at the same time, deep vision of all the aspects that conform the complex environmental field.

In 2020, he completed his Master's Degree in Teaching at the University of Malaga while continuing as an Environmental Technician. Already in 2022, motivated by the interest that his first contact with research had aroused, he joined the area of Science Education at the University of Malaga with a research staff contract, addressing a line of research related to the initial training of teachers, their professional development and teaching identity. Along these lines, and although a short period has passed, he has begun to disseminate the results of his research in international conferences of recognized prestige for the area, as well as collaborating in the organization of events in the field of STEM Education and preparing the first manuscripts, which are currently under review.

Areas of expertise: vocational training, environment and agroecology, teacher identity, professional teacher development.

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