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Leah Li Echiverri

Institution: Wenzhou Kean University

Country: China

Dr. Leah Li V. Echiverri holds a Doctorate Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. She is the General Education Program Coordinator and a Wenzhou-Kean University (WKU) professor, teaching Research Methodology, Critical Thinking, and College Success courses. Her professional objective is to make a difference in the lives of students. As an academic practitioner, researcher, and lifelong learner, her educational philosophy is shaped by progressivism, constructivism, behaviorism, humanism, and pragmatism.

As a progressivist educator, she champions the student-centered approach in classroom instructional activities. This teaching strategy sparks curiosity and fosters active student engagement, making the classroom interesting and meaningful for learners. In a progressivist classroom, learners are encouraged to interact with one another, fostering the development of their social skills.

She strongly believes in constructivism's power in planning class lessons. This approach, which connects new information to previous experiences or knowledge, often leads to those 'aha' moments in learning. As a behaviorist practitioner, she also recognizes the impact of extrinsic motivators in shaping students’ behaviors. Rewards, positive reinforcement, and bonus points, among others, consistently bring about good student behaviors.

Her role as a humanist educator is deeply influenced by her conscious awareness of the diverse profile of learners, each coming from unique cultural backgrounds. She understands classroom teaching is not a 'one size fits all' approach. It requires sensitivity to the individual needs of students. Her research findings confirm the effectiveness of creating a non-threatening environment and validating students’ feelings in enhancing the learning experience. As a pragmatic educator, applying information and skills in practical life is extremely important. Thus, she fervently supports the incorporation of technology into the learning processes.

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