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Wiltrud Weidinger

Institution: Prof. Dr., Head of Centre for Teaching and Transcultural Learning, Zurich University of Teacher Education

Country: Switzerland

Wiltrud Weidinger, Prof. Dr. phil., works as a professor for educational science at the Zurich University of Teacher Education. Her qualifications include a doctorate in Education and a Master's degree in Education/Psychology of the University of Vienna, a Master of Science in Education (School Psychology) from the City University of New York. As a project leader for various international cooperation projects and as the head of the center for teaching and transcultural learning she is familiar with international educational systems and project implementation mechanisms between education and profession.

Her current research projects include an international program for personal development for children and adolescents in various countries in Southeastern Europe, a program for peer learning for teachers, principals, trainers and University lecturers in the Republic of Moldova, a life skills and play program for kindergarten children in Serbia and North-Macedonia as well as a project with Universities in Armenia, Georgia and Moldova focusing on raising the quality of education for different target groups. The international project on Future Skills in the Republic of Moldova is part of her recent work.

At the Zurich University of Teacher Education she teaches students in questions of Educational Psychology and Development and shares her expertise in coaching and counselling teachers and school principals in questions of personal professional and organizational development. She has published various books and manuals on questions of teaching and learning for different target groups. Her books “Simply good teaching” and “Simply good learning” are used by various Universities of teacher training in pre- and in-service teacher training.

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