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Laima Gasiūnienė

Institution: Lithuanian Sports University, Kaunas

Country: Lithuania

PhD Laima Gasiūnienė (Education), has obtained several specialties: bachelor's degree in management and business administration, professional bachelor's degree in general practice nursing, bachelor's and master's degree in public health.
Continuous study of different fields allowed to gain various scientific experience, which is reflected in six publications, participation in scientific conferences as a speaker and as a member of the organizing committee, as well as contributing to the implementation of projects (a project of the Lithuanian Ministry of Health, implemented by the Kaunas Clinics Hospital of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences) as organizer and executor of the study.
Currently, L. Gasiūnienė is the fourth--year PhD student in educational sciences, developing the topic of environmentally friendly and physically active behaviour in the context of sustainable development. During the first year of studies, a pilot study was conducted, a literature analysis was prepared, and reports were read at international conferences "Implementation of study programs emphasizing sustainable development in higher education", "Physical activity in the context of sustainable development", "Active transport as part of physical activity in the context of sustainable development", “Study programs emphasizing sustainable development and their implementation in higher education".

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